Nalata Nalata "Wooden Cup"

Nalata Nalata "Wooden Cup"


Inspired by the ubiquitous 8 ounce coffee cup, this delicate cup is made in Japan from a single, hand-spun piece of wood.

  • 1mm thin walls

  • Lightweight but durable

  • Can hold piping hot drinks, like coffee and tea, or ice cold drinks

  • Exterior and interior coated with a food-safe and stain resistant protective coating

  • Carved 'rolled rim' mimicking a paper cup

  • Bottom is carved out

  • Smooth, paper-like texture

  • Wash after use with soap and water using a soft sponge

  • Dry with a kitchen cloth after washing

  • Do not soak in water for prolonged periods of time

Dimensions: 3.1” (w) x 3.1” (l) x 3.6" (h)

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